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Restorative House Leveling Techniques to Prevent Further Problems with Pier & Beam Foundations

Pier Beam
While the ground beneath pier and beam foundations may feel stable, it may not be. Backed by many years of experience, the team from Able House Leveling and Foundation Repair of South Texas offers the house leveling solutions you need to stabilize your foundation.

Foundation Problems

Many homes throughout Southern Texas are built on clay soil, which shifts and moves because of the moisture content. This constant shifting means your home's foundation, which supports the weight of your structure, also shifts.
Lightly structured foundations (pier and beam, block, and slab) can only stand so much soil movement before they sag, crack, lean, or become distorted. Additionally, doors begin to stick or not close all together.

Understanding Your Foundation

Generally, you can see under homes with pier and beam foundations. There are piers supporting the foundation, which are placed under the main beams of your home. The piers, usually 4' x 6' treated lumber, can consist of block and pad, Sonotube™, cedar post, or have a concrete base.
Our knowledge of pier and beam foundations allows us to inspect the foundation and determine the proper house leveling technique to restore it. A common repair includes installing underpin supports around your home or mobile home, which will restore your foundation, as well as correct drainage problems.
Contact our house leveling team to repair your pier and beam foundation to a like-new condition.