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Complete Foundation Leveling of Slab Foundations

Don't let your home's slab foundation crumble beneath you. Instead, rely on Able House Leveling and Foundation Repair, a South Texas contractor, to use proper foundation leveling techniques to restore the structural integrity of your foundation.

Familiar Foundations

Slab foundations are common in most residential areas today. In fact, it is the type of foundation that most people are familiar with, and like with any foundation, problems can occur. Loose debris in the footings, settling, and other issues can lead to issues with slab foundations.

Dig to Restore

Monolithic concrete or monolithic-pour slabs are built in one continuous form. This means slab foundations don't have crawl spaces. The only way to repair them is digging--lots of digging.

State-of-the-Art System to Repair Sags & Cracks

At Able House Leveling and Foundation Repair, we use the press-pile system to repair sagging or cracked slab foundations. In short, this method uses a precast concrete cylindrical post (piling) and a precast concrete cap to level the foundation.
Slab Steel Shims

How It Works

The execution process is simple: the piling is driven into the ground, using the house as a counterweight, until the skin friction of the earth along its surface area gives it the strength to lift the house. Each house is built differently and displaces loads differently, meaning the house leveling process varies from home to home or from location to location.
Each piling is driven to whatever distance it takes to make it secure. All pilings are driven to the load necessary to stabilize and lift and remain in that location to support the concrete beams that support your foundation. Slab repairs come with lifetime transferable warranties, for your convenience.
Contact our foundation-leveling team to restore the structural integrity of your home's slab foundation.